Afrigeneas write away people

The photo was a striking image is that of a young African American woman in a high collared victorian era dress wearing an ornate hat. There was only one clue to where she may have lived and that was the embossed imprint of the studio that took her photo.

Afrigeneas write away people

While walking around looking at the displays, I visited the table reflecting the Black memorabilia owned by Archie Moore a well known collector in Arkansas. On his display of many artifacts, he had three booklets, which were devoted to health, hair care and hygiene. I glanced at the pages, and became curious.

The pamphlets were written inby a rather dignified looking woman who was identified as Mme. Hockenhull, of Pine Bluff Arkansas.

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Moore, the collector about her, and he said that he knew very little. In addition, he mentioned that he had spoken with people in the city of Pine Bluff, and they too knew nothing about her. But I was curiousshe had produced a series of publications in I looked through the brochures and kept thinking, "this was a successful enterprising business woman and today, no one knows her name, and no one knows who she was.

Hockenhull had her own system. Was she or had she been trained by Madame C. She apparently had her own product line I learned while reading the booklets, and in addition to the booklets, there were many services that she provided for women in the community.

So I wanted to know--where did she go? What else could I learn?

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Her history intrigued me. In the weeks after the conference, I began to look for her in the census. I knew that she must have owned her own beauty business, and possibly beauty school, as she used the title "madam" which was common for many women who were in the standard beauty culture of the day.

But I was also intrigued for other reasons. These booklets were published in when women could not even vote, and she lived in the deep south where there were so many restrictions placed upon people of color.

And yet she--was a business woman. I really wanted to know more. Since the booklets were published inI hoped I might find her in the census still living in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

afrigeneas write away people

Mattie Hockenhull had been married before and therefore there was a child by the first marriage was living with them, listed as a stepson. So could I find them in ? This was more difficult, especially searching online. But I continued to put in the data online.

Inno Robert, no Mattie, and no Isaac Gray.

afrigeneas write away people

And if so, where? And what else could I learn about this lady, who was a business woman, author and proprietor?Black Publishers & Writers Association shared Brooklyn Wright's post. October 13, ยท Love that the officer took the time to help this young man ask her to Homecoming.

Inspired by the power of these ads, Heather Andrea Williams uses slave narratives, letters, interviews, public records, and diaries to guide readers back to devastating moments of family separation during slavery when people were sold away from parents, siblings, spouses, and plombier-nemours.coms: "Daniel A.

Payne was born on February 24, , in Charleston, South Carolina, the son of free blacks. Educated at a Charleston school established by free blacks and by a private tutor, he mastered mathematics, Greek, Latin, and French.

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As these examples make clear, digital technologies allow a broader spectrum of people to research the past and write about it for a large audience.

Previously, one needed the time and money to travel to archives and, in some cases, the academic credentials to study particular primary source documents. An analysis of the concept of nuclear terrorism in united states; How to write a silent short film script; Swot columbia sportswear; An analysis of the topic of the house of the strand as an extraordinary book.

Today few people know his namealthough there is a Dorie Miller park in Hawaii that bears his name and he was a true American Hero.

He would never live to see the freedoms he fought for, but shall not be forgotten.

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