Anton and showbusiness review

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Anton and showbusiness review

Although circumstances prevented your reviewer from seeing the production until its final performance October 19it is a must to spotlight the ability of Dreamcatcher Rep to mount productions of exceptional quality. Also, this popular play is likely to be produced with frequency in the foreseeable future and you will want to be on the lookout for it.

Anton is a 15 character play designed to be performed by seven actresses female actors, if you prefer.

There are significant parallels between Anton in Show Business and Sisters. It is widely assumed that "Jane Martin", who has written several highly considered plays, is the pseudonym of Jon Jory, who for over 30 years was the producing director of the prestigious Actors Theatre of Louisville.

Auditioning for Three Sisters are Casey, a struggling veteran of non-salaried roles Off-Off Broadway, and Lisabette, a Anton and showbusiness review youngster ready to trade in a third grade teaching job for a fling in the theatre. Even when her instrument is biting humor, Laura Ekstrand lovingly conveys the sacrifices which Casey has chosen to make in order to pursue her increasingly impossible dream.

Yet we never lets us lose sight of the buoyancy, underlying warmth, and eternal hopefulness of Casey. Harriett Trangucci delights as Holly, who uses the power of her celebrity to claim the "best" role, that of Masha, the most daring of the sisters.

She also has the physical appearance to be totally convincing as a surgically enhanced show biz beauty. All three beautifully convey the growing affection and inherently temporary bonds forged in the course of rehearsals. The remaining solo role is that of an extremely minor, exceedingly pretentious theatre critic.

Planted in the audience, Barbara Rellstab perfectly captures her earnest pretentiousness. Nicole Callender delightfully plays the stage manager, a comically racist black director, the arts fund manager for a cigarette company, and the actress who is playing these roles.

Her comic enthusiasm is contagious. Her excellent work makes these characters real and engaging despite the parodist nature of the concept. She has a brief third role as an obnoxious donor. The configuration might change for other productions. However, the current configuration is ideal for Anton.

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It facilitates a spare, fluid scenic production which is perfect for a play with an Our Town-like prologue and short scenes in multiple locations. The configuration gives the audience the feel of being inside the rehearsal space with the actors.

It would be hard to imagine a better interpretation of this play under any circumstances. The fluidity of the staging and the excellence of the performances attest to the skill of director Linda Ames Key. Key seems to capture all that Anton has to offer. The author raises the question as to whether the play is too self referential.

For me, the answer is no. The viewer is not excluded. Among the many issues encompassed in the play is the crucial role of audiences to the entire process.

However, it is unlikely that the line about having to play before audiences three weeks from the nursing home registered with the elderly man sitting opposite me. He appeared to be in a daze during those moments when he was not asleep.

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The satire and parody here is often sharp, but it is also loving and forgiving. Anton clearly has strong appeal to theatre artists in its depiction of the plight of theatre professionals. Anyone with any interest in theatre will find the play both hilarious and moving.Mar 14,  · Amy Baker, editorial director at The PIE News, sat down with Sir Anton Muscatelli, vice-chancellor of the University of Glasgow and chair of the Russell Group.

21st Arlberg-Pass Krampalar Lauf in December Those staying the night after the grand season opening will be able to witness one of the many quaint traditions in St. Anton in Show Business has 81 ratings and 7 reviews.

Neil said: Here's a play within a play about a production of Chekhov. flag Like · see review.

Anton and showbusiness review

Feb 12, Megan Page rated it really liked it. Can't wait to be in this play! What a wonderfully satyrical play within a play within a play. Trivia About Anton /5.

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