Assist in preparing and maintaining the

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Assist in preparing and maintaining the

Initiating a participatory process in co-management of natural resources requires sensitivity and flexibility. Facilitators and trainers need to offer as much support guidance and encouragement as necessary while still maintaining a low profile, in the process.

Enhancing a process of discussion, negotiations, agreements, planning and implementation amongst a number of stakeholders from different backgrounds is a challenging task. In order to enhance such activity, this source book focuses on: It provides some pointers on how to assess these needs and on how to use the information gathered as a basis for planning workshop.

Key Issues importance of knowing training needs methods of assessing training needs ways to incorporate findings into the planning of the workshop Proposed Training Strategy: Importance of Knowing Training Needs The first step in determining the requirements of a training workshop is derived from the expression of such a need by the respective target group.

It often happens, that a training workshop is organised by a higher level of administration, by an implementing agency or by outsiders, while the group that is to receive training has not expressed a need for the training nor has been involved into the decisions on the content.

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Such a situation requires additional sensitivity from you as a trainer, because you will have to find a common level between the officially imposed training topic and the needs of your trainees. Whatever are the initiating and determining factors concerning the training, you will have to conduct, at least a rough analysis of the basic professional and personal characteristics of your trainees as well as their working circumstances see "Proposed List of Factors" below.

This kind of information will serve you as a basis to plan your workshop. It influences the focus, structure and timing of the workshop, the depth and theoretical background you provide, the exercises you offer and the examples you use. It is relevant in helping you design a successful training workshop which is tailor-made for the situation of your trainees and responds to their needs and interests.

If you have a chance to contact your trainees beforehand, find out what they require directly from them.

Assist in preparing and maintaining the

If not, contact the initiator of the training request and ask for as much information as possible about the trainees, their wishes, knowledge and experience.

The Cloud Dreamer Introduce the cloud-dreamer or another culturally adapted cartoon which has the same message to participants and ask them first, what they see. Let them talk about different aspects and different ways of interpreting the cartoon.

Then ask them, what is their interpretation of the cartoon in the context of providing training. Among the topics which could be raised is: Let them describe, what went wrong in those situations and what might have been the causes. Invite them to put themselves into the situation of trainers who are preparing for a training workshop and to work on the following tasks: Discuss the listed factors and add more, if they feel some are missing 2.

Go through the list and decide, which of them could be used with which methods 3. Decide, which ones could be assessed with the help of a questionnaire filled in by the trainees, and establish an example questionnaire concerning these factors 4.

Decide, which factors would require different methods and think of ways and means to assess these remaining ones Debriefing: Give each group a list, naming some topics e.

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In what sense do you feel it could be helpful for you? Applying Information on Training Needs and Trainees Use the list of factors resulting from the debriefing of Exercise B as a basis for this exercise.

Establish a matrix showing the fields to be influenced in connection with the respectively influencing factors to summarise the results of this exercise. Concluding the session At the end of the session, place emphasise on the fact that, even if you have done a careful training needs and context assessment, it is still important to start the workshop itself with a session on expectations, wishes and fears of your participants see also session x, section yin order to be able to be more responsive to needs, which may be relevant but not as closely related to the training contents.

Development of training objectives, outputs, topics, contents and inputs of a training workshop This session provides an introduction to focusing a workshop towards certain training objectives and to planning and designing training inputs.

Key Issues planning the contents of a training workshop elaborating the schedule of a training workshop Proposed Training Strategy: This is a complex session. It may be useful to repeatedly refer back to the outline of the session to help the participants stay on track.

The text below may be a good opener. Try to compare the workshop with a walk that somebody has to take in order to reach a particular place.If you have recently updated to the Internet Explorer 10 web browser you will need to follow the instructions below to log on to CRC Online.

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