Colonial governor lachlan macquarie biography essay

John LewinThe Plains, Bathurst, watercolour drawing, ca. The first road to cross the Blue Mountains was 3. Governor Macquarie surveyed the finished road in April by driving his carriage across it from Sydney to Bathurst. The Governor commended Cox and stated that the project would have taken three years if it had been done under a contract.

Colonial governor lachlan macquarie biography essay

This article discusses the history of Australia from the arrival of European explorers in the 16th century to the present. For a more detailed discussion of Aboriginal culturesee Australian Aboriginal peoples.

Australia to Early exploration and colonization Early contacts and approaches Prior to documented history, travelers from Asia may have reached Australia. Likewise, Muslim voyagers who visited and settled in Southeast Asia came within miles km of Australia, and adventure, wind, or current might have carried some individuals the extra distance.

Both Arab and Chinese documents tell of a southern land, but with such inaccuracy that they scarcely clarify the argument. Makassarese seamen certainly fished off Arnhem Landin the Northern Territoryfrom the late 18th century and may have done so for generations.

The Portuguese The quest for wealth and knowledge might logically have pulled the Portuguese to Australian shores; the assumption has some evidential support, including a reference indicating that Melville Island, off the northern coast, supplied slaves.

Certainly the Portuguese debated the issue of a terra australis incognita Latin: He and some later Roman Catholic historians saw this as the discovery of the southern land.

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More significantly, from some Dutch ships sailing from the Cape of Good Hope to Java inevitably carried too far east and touched Australia: Pieter Nuyts explored almost 1, miles 1, km of the southern coast in —27, and other Dutchmen added to knowledge of the north and west.

Robert Ingpen, National Library of Australia, nla.

Colonial governor lachlan macquarie biography essay

He then explored the island of New Zealand before returning to Bataviaon Java. The British The Netherlands spent little more effort in exploration, and the other great Protestant power in Europe, England, took over the role.

On returning to England, he published his Voyages and persuaded the Admiralty to back another venture.

Colonial governor lachlan macquarie biography essay

He traversed the western coast for 1, miles — and reported more fully than any previous explorer, but he did so in terms so critical of the land and its people that another hiatus resulted.

The middle decades of the 18th century saw much writing about the curiosities and possible commercial value of the southern seas and terra australis incognita. This was not restricted to Great Britain, but it had especial vigour there.

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The British government showed its interest by backing several voyages. Hopes flourished for a mighty empire of commerce in the eastern seas. This was the background for the three voyages of Captain James Cook on behalf of the British Admiralty. Cook landed several times, most notably at Botany Bay and at Possession Island in the north, where on August 23 he claimed the land, naming it New South Wales.


National Library of Australia, nla. Marion Dufresne of France skirted Tasmania inseeing more than had Tasman.In due course the imperial government reacted and recalled the corps; but Governor Lachlan Macquarie (served –21) also clashed with the colony’s Exclusives—former officers and a handful of wealthy free immigrants.

Antiquarian Books: An Essay on Medals or An Introduction to the Knowledge of Ancient Modern Coins & Medals; Especially those of Greece, Rome & Britain by J Pinkerton, 3rd edition Vol 1 , pgs, plus 3 plates.

In the Botanic Gardens stands a grand monument to Arthur Phillip, the first governor of New South plombier-nemours.comed in for the Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, the elaborate fountain expresses late nineteenth century ideas about society and race.

Oxley, John Joseph (1784–1828)

John Joseph William Molesworth Oxley (?), surveyor-general and explorer, was born at Kirkham Abbey near Westow, Yorkshire, England, and baptised at Bulmer on 6 July , the eldest son of John Oxley and his wife Isabella, who was related to the Irish Viscount Molesworth.

The history of New South Wales refers to the history of the state of New South Wales and the area's preceding Indigenous and British colonial societies.

The Mungo Lake remains indicate occupation of parts of the New South Wales area by Indigenous Australians for at least 40, years. Bathurst / ˈ b æ θ ər s t / is a regional city in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, is about kilometres ( mi) north-west of Sydney and is the seat of the Bathurst Regional plombier-nemours.comst is the oldest inland settlement in Australia and had a population of approximately 35, as at the Census..

Bathurst is often referred to as the Gold Country as it was.

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