Emergency shelter business plan

The organization was founded by Amy Rand who has both the practical experience and the education to lead the organization. Amy is currently working on assembling a strong Board of Trustees which will be invaluable for the organization.

Emergency shelter business plan

Funding from county Choosing a Location for Your Homeless Shelter Business It is important to choose the right location for a homeless shelter because you have to consider the fact that it is human beings that are going to be staying in these shelters.

You have to make sure that the location you are choosing has adequate ventilation so that in summer the people there do not suffer from heat. Consider getting a place that will be equally easy to keep warm during winter period as well.

Put into consideration getting lockers for people so that they can keep their belongings. The list is endless as there are a lot of factors to be considered to ensure that people are comfortable in the shelters. To choose a location for a homeless shelter, you have to consider the following factors: The safety of the location because of people that are victims of domestic violence The availability of a location that has space as a place that has too much built-in furniture is not usable A place that has a minimum of 10 hours for people to use emergency shelter business plan that they can get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep.

To get a place to locate your homeless shelter, you can get people to donate the land for the building of the shelter.

emergency shelter business plan

You can get churches, mosques and other religious institutions to donate their buildings as well. In the case that you cannot get a building for free, you might have to rent or buy emergency shelter business plan place to locate the homeless shelter. You need people that will work at the shelter but you can get people who will offer their services voluntarily at your homeless shelters.

On the average, you need a shelter director, case manager, group facilitator, counsellor, literacy tutor, social worker and house manager. As a homeless shelter business, you will also need the services of an accountant, lawyer and some other professionals who you can hire on an as needed basis.

You also have to put together a board of directors for the business. Make sure you hire the right people and get volunteers that are really committed to the business as these individuals are important to the image you want to portray to people about the kind of homeless shelter business you are running.

The Services process Involved in the Homeless Shelter Industry The service process that is involved in the running of a homeless shelter depends on the niche the business is into. Once a homeless shelter has got the necessary funding for the business and everything has been put in place.

It is then ready to take in homeless people. If it is a homeless shelter for individuals to sleep in at night, then people start arriving at the time that the shelter opens to accommodate people.


They are assessed and given a place where they can spend the night. Blankets, toiletries, coffee and light refreshment or food are served to the inhabitants. Generally, there is a curfew in homeless shelters that the individuals have to adhere to.

Once it is morning, the people in the shelter have to leave the shelter and find something with which to occupy them during the day before they return to the shelter again in the night.

Include the profile of the board of directors and the members of the management team. These marketing strategies will help you to get donors. Create the right awareness to capture the interest of your donors. Include the message that makes your homeless shelter different and makes it a worthy enough cause that needs to be supported.

Sample Business Plans - Emergency Shelters Business Plan

If you have well trained and dedicated members on your team, your homeless shelter is off to a good start and it will thrive and flourish. You can use the following platform to put out the word about your homeless shelter business: Spread word about your homeless shelter by informing other homeless shelters to put out the word Spread the word at community outreach programs Traditional advertising Use of the internet through your website By direct mail Through the use of newsletters and press releases Make use of blogs and social media Organise events, galas and fundraising gatherings Possible Competitive Strategies for Winning your Competitors in the Homeless Shelter industry Competing with other homeless shelters in the industry might be challenging, therefore you need to choose your board members carefully and also build the people that you are going to be working with.

Once you have the requisite expertise to run a homeless shelter, then you are in business. Whenever homeless people come to your shelter, endeavour to treat them right so that they can help you spread the word about your shelter so as to get more people off the streets especially during the cold freezing nights of winter.

A lot of people are afraid of shelters because of the bad stories they have heard about them. Make yours exceptional and you will succeed in getting more people off the streets and also have success in convincing the donors that you are doing something worthy that they need to donate their money to.

You can also form partnerships with religious institutions, other non-profit organizations and charity groups that can help you start up the business by being a fiscal sponsor for your business.

Possible Ways to Increase Customer Retention for a Homeless Shelter Business Customer satisfaction is a very important aspect of any business you are running as it will help you to retain the clients of your business and it will restore investor confidence in your business.

When your clients are satisfied, they will stickwith your brand and will not look for your competitor to do business with.

As a homeless shelter business, once you are able to satisfy the people that take refuge in your shelter then you will have good testimonials as these are the proof that you are rendering a service that is of high quality to the people that patronize your business.Transitional Housing of Pittsburgh emergency shelters business plan financial plan.

Transitional Housing of Pittsburgh, a start-up nonproift service organization, will offer emergency housing, counseling, and life skills training to female victim/survivors of domestic abuse. Provide basic shelter via tents and sleeping bags/apparatus (22 initially), portable toilets (2 initially), and showers in addition to supplemental health assistance and nutritional assistance utilizing the cooperation of outside allies.

The This is an outline of a complete business plan. to eliminate 85% of emergency shelter beds by (a 1, bed reduction). At minimum, a bed reduction should be achieved by to reduce the average length of stay in family emergency shelters to 14 days by December and to seven Business Plan – Emergency Shelters Business Plan Executive Summary Transitional Housing of Pittsburgh is a start-up not for profit social service agency serving the greater .

Transitional Housing of Pittsburgh emergency shelters business plan executive summary. Transitional Housing of Pittsburgh, a start-up nonproift service organization, will offer emergency housing, counseling, and life skills training to /5(20).

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division is the coordinating agency responsible for the statewide emergency management program.

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