Masters thesis in political science

See Methodology Get Ranking Seal Political science is the multidisciplinary branch of social science dedicated to studying the theory and practice of politics in different government systems, as well as how wealth and resources are distributed among citizens. The field of political science can further be subdivided into niche subjects like comparative politics, international relations, public administration, and global health. In the course of their work, political scientists draw on history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics, and other social science disciplines related to politics and government, as well as law, ethics, policy, and advocacy. A large number of political science professionals begin their careers at the college level.

Masters thesis in political science

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For more information, refer to the list of faculty members and their research fields on Uniweb. Candidates and students looking for professors to supervise their thesis or research project can also consult Masters thesis in political science website of the faculty or department of their program of choice.

Uniweb does not list all professors authorized to supervise research projects at the University of Ottawa. A portion of the seminar deals with the challenges of designing a thesis proposal and writing the thesis itself. For example, the course explores the origins and development of the modern state, including how the relationship between politics and religion, and between politics and the economy, has changed.

The approach may be historical or thematic.

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The exact topic is announced at the beginning of the session. Study of major trends in national and international governance, including forces of resistance. Examination of historical and contemporary theoretical approaches. Study of diverse contemporary theories concerning space and territoriality.

Examination of relevant theoretical literature. The approach may be historical or thematic, and the exact topic is announced at the beginning of the session. The emphasis will be on the political economy of both developing states and of highly industrialised countries.

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Topics include multivariate regression analysis, maximum likelihood estimation and panel analysis. Review of advanced software packages for data organisation and development of tools for data collection.

The methods covered include fieldwork, interviews, participant observations, archival research and discourse analysis. Students acquire the knowledge needed to design and formulate the thesis proposal. This seminar is reserved for PhD students in Political Science.

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It is offered once every two weeks over two consecutive sessions. Part 1 of 2 Course Component: Part 2 of 2 Course Component: Partie 1 de 2 Volet: Partie 2 de 2 Volet: Lecture Permission of the Department is required. International Relations 3 units Evolution of theories and concepts in political economy as an approach to studying international affairs.

Examination of various schools of thought. Comparative Politics 3 units Study of the evolution of theories, concepts and methods in comparative politics as an approach to studying domestic politics and transnational influences, including states, regimes and institutions; the politics of identity; and political economy.

Canada's place in the global economy, intergovernmental relations, social movements and changes in the forms of federal intervention are among the topics covered. Political Thought 3 units Examination of key ideological movements key questions, main concepts, major texts.

Analysis of theories on the formation and transformation of ideologies. Cours magistral Permission of the Department is required.

Masters thesis in political science

The comprehensive examination in the major field is held at the end of the course.Political science master's degree students study political structures and behaviors and how they impact people, communities, and societies.

The field of political science is quite expansive and connects with many other fields such as international affairs, public health, economics, history, and sociology. Political Science Thesis / Dissertation. Political science thesis and Political science dissertations are complicated works that are developed to complete your BA/BS, Master’s, or PhD degree program.

The primary objective when writing political science dissertations is to demonstrate a working knowledge of your field, develop a topic or problem statement, and demonstrate a solution, resolution, or theoretical .

Sample of Master Thesis in Political Science 1. PICKING SIDES IN THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT: THE INFLUENCE OF RELIGIOUS BELIEF ON FOREIGN POLICY A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Robertson School of Government Regent University In partial fulfillment Of the requirements for the degree Master of Arts By Rachel Sarah Wills Virginia Beach, Virginia April In this article, we list the top ranked and most affordable online master’s in political science degree programs for A master’s in political science, politics, or government can open the door to job opportunities within a highly competitive market.

Masters thesis in political science

Beyond the foundational courses of the MA degree, Master of Arts in Political Science students are offered a range of options including theoretical or practitioner-oriented courses, the pursuit of internships, the writing and submission of a research thesis, or the individualized exploration of a research topic through a directed study.

A Guide to Writing a Thesis in Political Science or International Relations at Simmons College Department of Political Science & International Relations.

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