My unforgettable story

It was Onam in Kerala, but this year, it was going to be different. Apart from Mahabali, Keralites also welcomed a little ghost with a drinking problem, named Kuttichathan.

My unforgettable story

My friend Ann was driving through the cemetery in the blazing heat one summer afternoon and her heart was heavy with grief. Her father had died four months before and nothing could shake her of the sense of loss — until suddenly, there was an interruption. A pitiful, abandoned little Chow Chow was wandering through the cemetery, panting in the heat.

She had to do something. Ann drove home, got water and returned to the cemetery where she found the parched puppy. It instead looked My unforgettable story Ann with suspicion from across the cemetery.

Sure enough, the little dog was still there, lying next to a gravestone. Though the dog skirted away at the sight of his benefactors when Ann and Jimmy returned the next day, the food was gone and the puppy was eyeing them from a distance.

Over the next few days, the puppy cautiously closed the gap until finally, it came up to Ann and Jimmy and rolled over for a tummy rub. Ann and Jimmy gasped. And yet, the next morning, Jimmy came back to drop off more food. After Jimmy patted the dog on the head and began to drive away, something in the rear view mirror caught his eye.

The dog was running after the car. Jimmy put on the brakes and opened the door. And so she did. The puppy, whom Ann and Jimmy would eventually name Spooky, was home. In the following years, Spooky would rarely draw near to anyone other than Ann and Jimmy, but even they had to be careful about making sudden moves or Spooky would jump with fright.

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No wonder — the veterinarian who examined Spooky after her rescue said that she had clearly been abused. Spooky, like so many broken people, had learned not to trust and she never forgot that lesson. As inviting as that sounds, so many of us run away. Jesus compares Himself to a shepherd John Jesus, the good Shepherd, laid His life down so He could give us a home and make us beautiful.

My unforgettable story

I recently asked Ann if she and Jimmy wanted to leave Spooky behind after they found her tummy crawling with fleas. Jesus draws close to those awful things in us as well; and if we will follow, His love will take us home. Joshua Rogers is a writer and attorney who lives in Washington, D.

You can also subscribe to emails with updates about his writing.In this unforgettable autobiography, Joni reveals each step of her struggle to accept her disability and discover the meaning of her life.

The hard-earned truths she discovers and the special ways God reveals his love are testimonies to faith's triumph over hardship and suffering. Joni: An Unforgettable Story () by Joni Eareckson Tada.

My "Unforgettable" Story Monday, December 17, my best holiday memory i have many wonderful holiday memories, however this is one of my favorites. every christmas eve my family gives our presents to each other. i love this day when it is just the five of us giving our special and sincere gifts to one anther.

so one year on christmas eve. Unforgettable Love Stories in Fiction. Books take us into their world, and sometimes, they make us fall in love.

Joni: An Unforgettable Story - Joni Eareckson Tada, Joe Musser - Google Books

Get lost in one of these vibrant and memorable love stories. Alex and Eliza: A Love Story Discover the love story of young Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler.

My unforgettable story

Buy. Anna Karenina A fervent and scandalous love affair. Joni - An Unforgettable Story - is an inspirational autobiography of Joni Eareckson Tada - Christian artist, speaker, wife, friend, sister - who happens to be a paraplegic who has been in /5(18).

The unforgettable story of an elephant, and her home, on stage at Workshop West. New play by Edmonton's Connie Massing ponders life at the zoo Liane Faulder. Updated: December 5, Story of Islam Personalities Advice Motivation Experience Series An unforgettable event of my life.

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