Out of the dust essay

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Out of the dust essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It deals with the aftermath of nuclear war. It shows how the survivors of the attack struggle to survive and adapt to their new surrounding.

It displays a family split up into two groups, the group of people inside the bunker and the group of people outside. The story covers a period of about fifty years, illustrating the way of life of the descendants of the people inside and outside the bunker.

Even though the insiders and outsiders originated from the same family, they all end up having very different views on how human life should be continued.

After the nuclear attack, different groups of people and communities use different survival tactics, with varying degrees of success. At the beginning of the book it shows a family trying to survive in the shelter of their home. After some time they realise that the radioactive dust has been coming in through the chimney.

They realise that they have been eating and drinking contaminated food and water. However, they refuse to give up because they know Catherine is capable of surviving. They persist and continue looking after eight year old Catherine as best they can. Catherine shows that she is determined to survive; she made sure she drank bottled water and ate canned food to avoid the possibility of contamination and she spent almost all her time in her cubby house under Out of the dust essay table so she had little chance of breathing in contaminated air.

It was like she had an instinct to survive. With the exception of Catherine, all the family get radiation poisoning as they ate, drank and breathed in the contaminated food, water and air. Sarah felt it was best that Catherine moved on to live with Johnson.

In the book, the way of life in the bunker is sharply contrasted with life on the outside. We are able to make comparisons between the two groups of people who are both struggling to survive and rebuild their society.

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The people living in the bunker have a large store of food and resources. They rely on computer images to remember and teach future generations about art, nature and the world as it was before the attack.

Their civilisation is very advanced from a technology point of view — probably too dependant on the latter, as they are incapable of surving without technology.

When their food supplies run out and their electricity goes down they are left with very little options. The outsiders, on the other hand rely on the basic survival methods such as agriculture and sewing. The outsiders have to work very hard to build their society and they struggle to reproduce, as most of the children are grossly deformed.

Initially the people inside the bunker are better off than the people on the outside. However, in the long run, the outsiders fare better.

They become dependant on the outsiders as the outsiders have developed the necessary survival skills that the people in the bunker had not bothered to develop.

Prejudice is evident in the relationships between the outsiders and the people in the bunker as they both have very different views about society and morals, and they have different appearances.

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Civilisations cannot afford to be prejudiced as prejudice causes conflict, which can eventually lead to war. When Ophelia travels outside she cannot help but be disgusted by the morals of the outsiders and their living conditions and their mutated appearance make her physically sick.

Simon too, is very reserved when he first meets Laura and her people. He is wary of their appearance and values. The different values of society are evident between the people in the bunker versus the outsiders.

When Ophelia ventures outside she is disgusted by the fact that Catherine was married to Johnson at fourteen while he was twenty-six years older than she was.

She does not agree with the euthanasia principals of the community. She believes that leaving deformed babies out in the cold to die is inhumane. The people who live inside the bunker hold the same values and principles they held before the holocaust and feel as though they are superior to the outsiders.

It also shows how the differences can cause conflict and even lead to things like nuclear war.

Out of the dust essay

Its main message is survival and shows that even when something as massive as a nuclear attack strikes, there will always be a few remaining survivors who will be there to continue on the human race.

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This Essay Dust Bowl Case and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on plombier-nemours.com Autor: Women put sheets over doors and windows as an attempt to keep the dust out and children also wore dust masks to school.

The sky would darken for days and the dust would drift like snow would. Free Out of the Dust study unit worksheets for teachers to print. Comprehension by chapter, vocabulary challenges, creative reading response activities and projects, tests, and much more!

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