Uniformity of a leader

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Uniformity of a leader

Uniformity and Adaptation Members of the Church live in a wide variety of political, social, and economic conditions. Wards and branches also vary in size and leadership resources. These conditions may require local leaders to adapt some Church programs.

Such adaptations typically affect the auxiliaries, leadership meetings, and activity programs. The guidelines in this chapter are intended to help priesthood leaders determine which adaptations may be appropriate and which are not. All wards and branches, regardless of their size or circumstances, can experience the same abundance of the Spirit of the Lord.

These are to be uniform throughout the Church. Uniformity of a leader presidents, bishops, and other local leaders have a sacred obligation to maintain the uniformity and purity of the Church in all of the categories outlined below.

In many languages, the Church has approved one edition of the Bible to be used in Church meetings and classes. Likewise, the latest authorized edition of the other three books of Latter-day Saint scriptures should be used.

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No other works are to be promoted or used in the Church as scripture. Local leaders should not alter these commandments and standards. Nor should local leaders teach their own rules or interpretations regarding the commandments.

The worthiness standards for temple attendance are detailed in the interview questions found in the temple recommend book. Local leaders should not alter these.

Uniformity of a leader

All leaders should ensure that true doctrine is taught in the Church. If a person teaches false or speculative doctrine, leaders should correct it promptly and sensitively. Errors can usually be corrected in private, but major or repeated errors may require public correction. If local leaders are unsure what doctrines or teachings are correct on a given subject, they may seek guidance from their immediate presiding authority.

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Instructions for sacrament meetings are provided in The Sunday meeting schedule is set forth on page The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve have established this schedule. Local leaders should not alter it. In extreme situations, local leaders may cancel Sunday meetings. However, doing so should be a rare occurrence.

Examples of situations that may justify canceling meetings include emergency security concerns and severe weather.

If possible, a bishop should confer with the stake president before canceling meetings.

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Sometimes an unusual local situation may make it necessary to alter the Sunday schedule for a longer period. For example, a change may be necessary if a meetinghouse has been damaged by fire, flooding, or storm. In such a circumstance, the stake president seeks guidance from the Area Presidency or the Area Seventy who presides in his coordinating council.

Leaders of very small branches may adapt the Sunday schedule as directed by their leaders, using the Basic Unit Program Guidebook.

The stake presidency schedules, organizes, and presides at one ward or branch conference annually for each ward or branch in the stake see The district president does the same for each branch in a district.Charismatic leadership theory and research have identified a number of personal characteristics and behaviors that distinguish leaders who have the potential to .

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