Why does azar nafisi put an

Perhaps if I knew more about the politics of the time, it would be a bit easier. However, I do love getting the perspective of the people who seem to be on the outside of their culture and how this has affected them.

Why does azar nafisi put an

Reading Lolita in Tehran: Azar Nafisi, where did you get the title "Reading Lolita in Tehran"? A Memoir in Books": It was when I was writing my book on Nabokov in Iran, and I kept feeling that this is a new reading of Nabokov because of my life in Tehran.

Well, I felt, at that point, that my life in Iran and the life of many like me were -- "Lolita" could have been a metaphor for it.

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An ayatollah comes to Iran and likes to impose his dream upon our reality, turning us into his figments of imagination. When did Nabokov write "Lolita"?

He thought that he could never publish it under his own name, so at first, it was published in France. And then there was quite a furor over it in England and U.

Then finally, Graham Greene gave it credibility by choosing it one of the best books he had read.

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Is Nabokov still alive? No, he died in Switzerland in Where was he from? The story of "Lolita" is about this very sophisticated, articulate European man, 38, who in his childhood falls in love with this girl, when he was 13, Annabel Leigh, and she dies.

And their love is never consummated. And ever since then, he becomes obsessed with the image of Annabel Leigh. And when he meets "Lolita" years later, he tries to turn that little girl into his dead Annabel Leigh.

And he seduces and rapes her and keeps her under his yoke for two years, until she finally escapes. She was how old again, 12?

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Does that have any relationship to the fact that in Tehran, you say, today, or in Iran, that men can marry a woman at age 9? Yes, they lowered -- after the revolution, they lowered the age of marriage from 18 to 9. And I always felt a 9-year-old girl, her life has not started yet, and when you marry her off to a man, like "Lolita," you are confiscating her childhood.

And that is, to me, one of the biggest crimes. How often do women 9 years old, or girls 9 years old, marry in Iran? But there are many young girls who are married, and there was actually an official report on many of the young girls who died yearly because of early marriage, you know?

Is it true that a man can have four wives? Yes, it is true that a man can have four wives. These are all the laws that came back in the name of religion, which I think was abuse of religion as an ideology.

What about temporary wives? And what are temporary wives? According to some Shia doctrines or tradition -- and in Iran, this is practiced -- a man can marry any number of women he desires -- they have a contract, and that contract can be from five minutes to 99 years.

But so you can have a wife. You travel to another city.Azar Nafisi wrote, Reading Lolita in Tehran: a Memoir in Books, a book about her life as a teacher in Iran. Nafisi decided to teach an all- female class in her home.

Nafisi quotes one of her students who explains why she had to lie to her father about taking the class.

This article argues that much discussion of Azar Nafisi’s memoir Reading Lolita in Tehran relies on the desire to essentialize the gendered experience of a citizen (in this case, a citizen of Iran). Nafisi cannot be expected to be the mouthpiece for an entire country and its women, though some.

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This true story is a unique and intimate memoir by a woman, Azar Nafisi, who lived in Iran during the Islamic Revolution (), the Iran-Iraq War (), and thereafter.

let him put Gatsby on trial and stood as the sole witness for the defense.

Why does azar nafisi put an

Azar Nafisi's luminous tale offers a fascinating portrait of the Iran-Iraq war viewed from Tehran and gives us a rare glimpse, from the inside, of women's lives in revolutionary Iran. It is a work of great passion and poetic beauty, written with a startlingly original voice.

Azar Nafisi emphasis on color Reading Lolita in Tehran: Emphasis on color Question: Why does Azar Nafisi put an emphasis on color in her descriptions of objects. Nafisi. revolution, a young woman named Azar Nafisi started teaching at the University of Tehran. However, in , Nafisi was expelled from the University of Tehran for refusing to wear an Islamic veil.

Seven years later, however, she did indeed resume teaching but soon resigned in protest over the increasingly cruel punishments of the Iranian government toward women.

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