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Country Music Chicago recently caught up with the rising star to discuss life since signing a publishing deal and find out where he wants this journey to take him. Thomas Rhett on iTunes: And even after that, you were focusing on careers that might have led to a more conventional future.

In addition, he has won two Triple Play Awards for having three number one songs in a month period. In this new interview with SongwriterUniverse, Akins talks about his early start as a tunesmith, writing on the go, joining forces with his son, and three key pieces of advice for songwriters.

How did the Peach Pickers start? Ben Hayslip and I grew up together—I met him when I was We played on the same baseball team.

From the minute we met, all we ever talked about was music. We have tons of home videos of us singing everything from country songs to rock songs to rap songs.

Goes Like This

It went from Run D. We all hit it off. We all grew up doing the same things—hunting, fishing, playing sports, and loving music. We all grew up idolizing Hank Williams, Jr. You put on Conway Twitty. When you and the guys are drinking beer, hanging out, hunting, it was always Hank.

Do you remember one of the earlier songs you wrote as a kid? Me and my brothers wrote tons of songs when I was a kid. We even made a cassette tape that we made in my bedroom. Our songs were like Saturday Night Live skits. They were just stupid really. We were just being young and stupid.

The first really serious song I wrote, I got the idea from something my dad said when I was a football player. My first song was kind of based on that. When you had that first serious attempt, did you think you could make a go at it as a songwriter?

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I guess what really inspired me to try to do it, is all my friends begged me to play all the time. I took my guitar to football camp.

write a song chords thomas rhett

I went to the University of Georgia and played my freshman year. I was the guy everybody ran to to get together and play music. I started playing at fraternity houses and things like that.

I play by ear, and I can listen to a song one time and play it and pretty much know all the lyrics. After a few years of that, it kind of sunk in that maybe I was decent at it.

He sold it out tonight.Thomas and Jessie also talked about the song they wrote together with Shane McAnally and Ashley Gorley, "Unforgettable." They wrote the song while on the road, on the bus -- because, fun fact, Thomas Rhett only writes his songs on the bus.

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Rhett says of the story behind the song: "This was a 2 a.m. write. Nick Jonas, Thomas Rhett and the Power of Three Chords Their CMT Crossroads Collaboration Premieres Friday (June 24) at 10 p.m.

write a song chords thomas rhett

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Don't miss interesting stories. Facebook is (chords of songs) For the convenience of our website users MUZBANK, which we love. Thomas Rhett's new song sounds eerily similar to an Ed Sheeran megahit, but there is still one supreme artist that both might take too many cues from.

Following his Billboard No. 1 hit, “Craving You,” Thomas Rhett has released a new single, “Unforgettable.” The mid-tempo tune, which was penned by Thomas Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley and Shane McAnally, will be featured on TR’s upcoming album, .

Thomas: That was the coolest experience. Besides hearing my song on the radio, that was one of the coolest days of my life. I wrote the song with two other guys who also had never had a cut on a record before and we wrote this song not thinking anything really of it.

I went and sang the demo and started pitching it around.

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